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We have noticed that there are two arrays returned from Order endpoints: Refunds and Refund Transactions. Sometimes refunds will show in the Refund Transactions and not in the Refunds array. We were hoping for an understanding of which actions are taken in the UI to determine if the refund shows up in one and not the other?

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Hey @perkville_ops 

When I head to my Order page within Admin > Enter the Refund amount > Click 'Refund' > This would result in a) data within the Refunds object in refunds.json and b) data within the nested Transactions array in the Refund object. Like so (entire Refunds Object omitted for brevity)

"refunds": [
			"id": xxxxxxxx,
			"order_id": xxxxxxxx,
			"created_at": "2021-07-01T02:09:46-04:00",
			"transactions": [
					"id": xxxxxx,
					"order_id": xxxxxxxx,
					"kind": "refund",
					"gateway": "shopify_payments"

Refund transactions can only be created via the Refunds Resource, so on first thought it seems strange how there could be Refund transactions existing on some orders and not on refund object. If you have any Order examples for me to have a look into - I'd be happy to. You can send via DM if it suits. Thanks! 





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