Refunding to 'store-credit', 'exchange-credit', or 'cash'

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Is it possible to refund a payment made via a gateway such as shopify_payments or paypal to the "store-credit" or "exchange-credit" or "cash" payment gateways. In my experiments, via the refund API (whether using GraphQL or REST) you're able to pass these gateway named without a parent transaction and the call succeeds but the refund is made back to the original payment method.

I'm trying to work around a show-stopping issue I have which is that whenever a refund transaction is created, if the refund amount doesn't match the calculated value of the line items being refunded an adjustment amount is calculated. This adjustment object isn't available at all via the GraphQL API  at all and I wasn't aware Shopify was doing this until merchants began complaining about the inbuilt Shopify sales reports (which include this calculated adjustment) not reporting the expected sales amounts after an exchange. We are providing merchants with our own reports, but this is not a satisfactory solution for many. 



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