Removing discount allocation method "one"

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We are also getting this warning. We tried to upgrade all our API calls to 2021-01 but still getting this message. Is it possible for you to let us know which exact call is causing this issue?

Our App is Charge Me Later

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We are receiving this warning in our Ruby Shopify application (currently unlisted, plans to become listed shortly). I've upgraded the shopify gems we are dependent on to the newest versions: 

gem 'shopify_api', '9.3.0'
gem 'shopify_app', '17.0.5'

And I additionally have set our ShopifyApp version to:

ShopifyApp.configure do |config|
  config.api_version = "2020-07"

But we are still receiving this deprecation warning with respect to 

'orders/updated' -> Admin  Webhook

As far as I can tell, paths being used on the store end up being


So we're really struggling tracing this down, as we appear to be fulfilling all of the requirements. Any help is appreciated.

Number one question I would like an answer to: how can I fully regenerate the schema? In trying to trace this down I saw that folks used to generate it by going to, but that appears to no longer work. Please let me know!

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  1. I'm not using the discount allocation attribute from the webhook
  2. I don't necessarily have the accessToken to all shops to reregister my webhook with new 2020-07 version

Can Shopify admin just update all my webhooks' versions instead of "delisting my app from the Shopify App Store and block installation of my apps" ?

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Hi Jason, 

We updated our API call to 2021-01, but we still got the notice. Can you help ?

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Hello Jason,


Could you kindly assist me in making it work. We are also not using any discount application still it is showing error on our app. 

Our app is Easy Donation. 

So, kindly let me know on it so that i can make the further changes and make it work. As the deadline given is 1st April so very less days are remaining to cover it up.

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Hey @Jason_Tigas I have the same problem as ShopSync, we already changed the calls to version 2020-10 but we still get this error and we can not identify exactly where is the detail, could you help me?


App: Facturama


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Hey @Jason_Tigas 

Our app didn't use that return value in our draft order API.
We just updated our API version to '2020-07' but we're still getting the message.

Can you help us determine where those attributes get trigger on our app?


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We are receiving this error with API 2020-07.

Mar 25, 2021 at 09:19 AM

We have code that refers to the discount allocations, but nothing in use.

The only relevant code segments, from functions which aren't being called, include:

'type': 'manual',
'title': 'custom discount',
'description': discount_message,
'value': discount_value,
'value_type': 'fixed_amount',
'allocation_method': 'across',
'target_selection': 'all',
'target_type': 'line_item', ...


"price_rule" => array (
"title" => $code,
"target_type" => "line_item",
"target_selection" => "all",
"allocation_method" => "across",
"value_type" => "percentage",
"value" => -10.0, ...

What am I missing please?

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I have an answer, for our private app at least,


select the private app name, and then scroll to the bottom, check if the Webhook API version is below 2020-07, and change it to 2020-07 if it's lower.

It was moaning about the unused webhook, not the API for us.

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Hi, just wanted to say that this is a possibly breaking call, where there's no way for Shopify to know if your app is using the 'one' value. 

So we won't be delisting any apps that continue to get this warning. It's just that our API health report currently has no way to denoting "possibly breaking" vs "actually breaking"

Apologies for the scare of delisting as I know some have tried tirelessly to find the offending calls.