Repost: Obtaining data about the products an individual customer views

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Hello, this is in reference to this post from 2015 :

I'm looking to create something very specific.

Here's the scenario.

John Doe has is person who already has a customer account on my shopify store.
John Doe is currently already logged in and browsing the products in the store.
John Doe leaves the site, and is still signed up for promotional emails via mailchimp.

After John leaves the site, a report is created for this individual customer listing which products they viewed.
That way I can recommend the same or similar products later in an email.

Is there an API or anything I can use to create that?
So far, all I'm able to find is an array of heatmaps and general analytics that tell you how products are doing generally or based on certain demographics, but nothing as specific as an individual customer that has signed in.

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A tool that can pair customer data from Shopify with demographics information so you can see what different demographics are purchasing would be great. I'm trying to see what different demographics are purchasing which products. My client has a compression socks business with 100+ SKUs and most are unisex. I know which demographics are better audiences from my Ads Manager, but I don't know what they're buying. This data would be great for developing creatives using products that better fit those audiences, as well as creating new sock styles for those audiences.