Request for feedback on Shopify Academy’s App Development Certification exam

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In December 2018 we were excited to launch an App Development Certification exam to the developer community through the Shopify Partner Academy.


In order to improve the exam and better reflect the skills and tools Shopify developers think are important, we would love to hear any feedback you have on the exam content, questions and difficulty!


Please complete the exam and leave any feedback you have in the thread below (or use this form to leave feedback anonymously)!

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Thanks for this post. I had missed the Academy bit and the Certification opportunity.


Going through the App Developer course (not the exam) now:

- In the page "Benefits of developing with Shopify", there's a bad link to which should probably be

- Was positively surprised to discover there's a Slack channel for partners, but the link in my dashboard leads to a page which says "This invite link is no longer active." And then gives a list of email address suffixes with which one could create an account, and of course, a generic isn't listed there.

- "Extending Shopify’s core features" still refers to "Embedded App SDK (EASDK)" instead of App Bridge.


Also, on the tags are hidden no matter how big is the screen. Screenshot attached.

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Likewise to what @JazepsBasko wrote: thanks for the reminder @Busfox. I can vaguely recall when the announcement was made and then forgot about it entirely. Maybe you could figure out some way to promote it some more among partners?


But I just completed the app exam and was pleasantly surprised - really broad app development test with a fantastic balance. Definitely geared towards app developers who actually have built apps. Also ❤️ the fact that the certificate is only valid for 1 year so you need to re-take the exam to stay current.


All in all - great job! Looking forward to the theme exam tomorrow. 3AM and an empty kettle of coffee are a good sign it's time to sign off.

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Done the test, got 75% (60/80). Two mistakes due to rushing, consulted docs a lot, learned about some features I didn't know or realise after taking the course, probably a couple lucky guesses too. I had a feeling that a few (not many) questions were made by someone who is just going through the docs and inventing questions as they see certain phrases but they don't actually understand the bigger picture. Or maybe I don't see the bigger picture, still haven't submitted an app.


The feedback I had to do with concrete questions was left using the form in the end.

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