Rest API on the app we are developing

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APIStart TimemsEnd Timems 
1. Register product (/admin/api/2020-07/products.json)23:45:310.72423:45:360.185
2. Take variant_id, inventory_item_id from Step 1     
   Upload image (/admin/api/2020-07/products/{product_id}/images.json)23:45:360.19223:45:390.8123
3. Check the location (/admin/api/2020-07/locations.json)23:45:390.81323:45:400.1211
4. With location_id,inventory_item_id from Step3     
   Combine product options (/admin/api/2020-07/inventory_levels/connect.json)23:45:400.12223:45:400.4020
5. Update the inventory based on Step 4 (/admin/api/2020-07/inventory_levels/set.json)23:45:400.12223:45:400.4020
6. Update the inventory (/admin/api/2020-07/inventory_items/{inventory_item_id}.json)23:45:400.40323:45:400.7450
7. Repeat 2~6 depending on option number     
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Currently we are using Shopify Rest API on the app we are developing
When we try to register our product, it calls the API above.
After making request for each API, we recorded the response time right next to the API.
If the one product has three options, it will take about 20 seconds.
And if there are more than three products, it will take more than a minute.
Therefore, I would like to ask…
1. if the response time of the API is normal
2. if the process above is correct (Let us know if something is missing)
3. if there is another effective way to solve this issue

Server => Korea Google Cloud vm / cpu : 1core / Memory : 3.75GB