Retrieving payment method via orders API

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I wrote a webhook endpoint for order creation to generate invoices and send it to the customers.


Now I want to add information about the payment on the invoice. For example "Paid with PayPal/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Visa", and so on. I just need the name. 


I thought I could use the value "payment_gateway_names", but it just returns the provider (e.g. shopify_payments and bogus). 


When I do a test order via Shopify Payment with a Mastercard, I could use the "payment_details" -> "credit_card_company" index:

[payment_details] => Array
        [credit_card_bin] => 555555
        [avs_result_code] => Y
        [cvv_result_code] => M
        [credit_card_number] => •••• •••• •••• 4444
        [credit_card_company] => Mastercard

Now I ask myself, how the structure would be with a non-creditcard payment. Is the field "credit_card_company" in this case present, too? If the field will return "PayPal" or "Google Pay" for example everything is fine.


I would test it myself, but sadly I didn't find a method to create test orders with other payment methods without charging my bank account.


Also it would be nice if there is a list of all payment methods that could be returned.


Thank you for your help. 


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If the order was processed in PayPal, there won't be a payment_details field to reference. You'll have gateway_name and payment_gateway_names on the order itself. For more information, you can look at the order's transactions either with a followup request to /admin/orders/id/transactions.json or subscribing to an order_transactions/create webhook. The transaction will have information like the gateway, the payment status, a receipt object with more paypal specific information, etc.