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We started to write an app for our current product that already has many features/billing process regardless of shopify

We usually deploy to our main product every day (sometimes several times a day). Assuming we will pass the first review, when should we re-submit a review? 

Is it when changing an access scope?

When changing the billing plans?

Or for every change in our product regardless of shopify? 

Can we change the URL of login and callback of application (from staging to production for example)?


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Hey @EhudL 

A great start to assess this, would be to check the features you are planning to introduce against the general requirements here. In short you may just wish to build to meet Shopify's requirements from the start.

The Access Scope permissions would from part of the Oauth handshake (info here), so it may be an idea to just request permission for the API scopes that are required for your app to function from the beginning too to save having to submit for a re-review.

It's to change the App URL and allowed Redirection URL via the method prescribed in your app dashboard here. Hope that helps!

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