Rules and restrictions for having multiple private apps

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Hi all,

Getting straight to the point: what are the rules regarding having multiple private apps for one web-store? I can see from answers posted elsewhere ( that API limits are per app, per store. At present we have numerous scripts that interact with the API to do a bunch of different things (one script does bulk fulfilment; one allows customers to edit notes on their orders; another generates a CSV or outstanding orders; and so on). At the moment, they all share the same API credentials (i.e. are one "app" as far as Shopify is concerned), and so draw from the same leaky bucket/points total. 

Is it acceptable, per Shopify policy, to split these scripts into different private apps, such that they each have a separate API limit? To me, functionally they are very different and so it seems reasonable to do so, however - given no clear guidance available elsewhere, as far as I can see - it would be nice to get some kind of official confirmation.

Thoughts very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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It's not enforced but doesn't mean it won't be in the future so there's a common politeness rule in place. If your intention is to create a lot of private apps simply to circumvent API limits, that would be something you shouldn't explore. If the use case is to seperate business functions, security, etc, that is a much more valid use case to do so.

What are you looking to do? With some context I can give you some better guidance.

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