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We are working on a store implementation and I am hoping to find a solution to allow for Single Sign On.  The ideal solution is Multipass but this is only available for Shopify Plus implementations; unfortunately with the sales volume this store will have that is not an option.

I saw many posts related to this topic but all were at least a few years old so I wanted to revisit the quesiton: Are there any alternatives to Multipass that will work to allow Single Sign On functionality so we can have users log in to a separate website portal and then have these users passed to Shopify as logged in users?

Any recommendations are appreciated.

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Hey Chris,

At this time there are no supported ways to accomplish this that I am aware of, and I would imagine that an implementation would be entirely seperate from our customers/authentication APIs and likely by extension insecure (that's just a thought).

Open of course to community contribution if they've seen like-approaches.


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I am also looking for a SSO solution besides multipass? Is there any way to acheive this yet? Does Shopify have any intentions on adding Multipass to the lower non-enterprise plans?


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Multipass login is for store owners who are Shopify stores plus users. Shopify Plus provides SSO with Multipass, but it isn’t an affordable option for me as my business does not generate revenue much. So I surfed the internet for Single Sign-On (SSO) without Multiplass for non plus users and later on.


I found that miniOrange provides these services with a 90 days free trail and I'm glad to look into finally Single Sign-On (SSO) is possible for non plus users of Shopify. Even though many people prefer social login as one of the factor of accessing their Shopify non plus users but I found that their might me data breach happening to customers and here miniOrange  is offering Single Sign-On (SSO) services with SAML 2.0, OAuth and other standard protocols with security features like risk based authentication and MFA. Finally I am very happy to have a solution for Shopify non plus Users too...

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Thanks miniOrange….