Safari ITP Order

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Im using Python Flask and HTML/CSS/JS. For OAuth and ITP, which order do I set it up and go through the process? 

1. When user clicks on our app, they go through OAuth with the permission URL of myshopify/oauth/authorize with access scopes and a redirect URL to a completed installed (my_app/installed) page. Then from installed page (my_app/installed), I check for the test cookie for ITP and then determine if I need to send them to a Enable Cookies page (my_app/cookies) which will take them back to beginning and render our homepage


2. When user clicks on our app, before going to an install.html page (that would create AppBridge, set up permissionURL (myshopfy/oauth/authorize)), I should before check for cookies and get them to the Enable Cookies url /cookies and then redirect them to install.html

I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out with it, I'm assuming 1. is the way to go and would adhere to OAuth