Sales Channel API ==> Resource Feedback Problem

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I get it that we can provide feedback. Here are a couple of shortcomings of this API that perhaps Shopify can address sooner rather than later.

  • there is no obvious way to target a collection for feedback even though this is a principle resource for the Sales Channel
  • we can only target ONE message at the Shop resource, yet a Sales Channel could need multiple attention strings
  • if we see the Feedback on the HOME page, and we click goodbye, we never see that message again. How can a merchant re-enable that?

I know I display the same message on the Sales Channel's homepage so the message is still possible to see, but I would love to also see it on the home page and it seems once you click goodbye, no matter what cookies you delete, that shop stops showing any Resource Feedback. How to re-enable that?

So that is my hot-tip listing of how to improve Sales Channel API today. Oh, and yes, it sucks that we have only the old RestAPI to make calls as their is still no GraphQL for these endpoints. When is GraphQL support coming? Real soon now?



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