Sales Channel: EASDK, App Bridge & Polaris

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After going through the developer documentation, I still have some questions about the requirements for building Sales Channels.


Sales Channels require to be built using the EASDK. Navigating to the EASDK documentation, Shopify recommends moving to App Bridge instead. Does this only apply for Apps, or does it also apply to Sales Channels? Should we start building our Sales Channel using App Bridge?


Another requirement for Sales Channel apps is that they "also must meet the best practices that are set out in Shopify's components library, and the general guidelines in Shopify's Polaris design system". It's not clear to me whether this means that Polaris is required or not. Can a custom UI framework, that respects the best practices in guidelines, be used?


Thanks in advance!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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I would absolutely recommend building any new apps with App Bridge.To name a couple significant benefits: it's semantically versioned, so you'll have a lot more control over changes on our end. It's also being built to work across all embedded app environments such as POS and the admin without needing separate libraries for each.


Polaris is necessary to getting approved as a sales channel, so definitely work with that as well (App Bridge happens to directly integrate with Polaris components as well).