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I have been trying to get a list and count of current Script Tags using: GET /admin/script_tags.json and GET /admin/script_tags/count.json following this documentation:

Each time I get a blank 404 response. I can successfully request other pages without a problem.

I have found that a true 404 response is not blank with: 

{"errors":"Not Found"}

Has anyone come across this before?

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Hi Cameron, 

You are right, the returned page shouldn't be blank.The actual API endpoint is working fine, so you can still access script_tags via our API. It's just the browser that's not displaying the output properly. 

Thanks for identifying the issue. We'll post here when it's fixed. 

~ Hammad. 

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This issue has been resolved and will be going out with the next deploy. Though, keep in mind that script tags are scoped to an API client, so in order to see the tags that have been created, you need to make an authenticated request as that client.

Admin requests will now just render something instead of a blank 404 page, which was kinda weird.