ScriptTag - Detect it the product variant has been changed.

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Hi all,

I am building an app which injects a new button in the product page using ScriptTag.

The problem is that, sometimes, I would like to show that button for some specific product variants and to hide it for the rest. 

I know that the variant ID is in the query params in the URL (e.g. .../products/<product_handle>?variant=<variantId>) but I don't know how to detect when this changes. For examples, let's say the customer is on the product page /products/productName?variant=1 and they choose a different size (small ->medium). The URL is automatically updated to /products/productName?variant=2. 

I tried to use the "hashchange" listener to trigger when the URL has changed but it did not work. I read about the OptionSelectors() approach but I would like to avoid editing every shop's theme file.

Does anyone know how to automatically detect (using vanilla JS or any other method) when the product variant has been changed?


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Personally I would create a setInterval that checks the href. I did not found any other reliable solution other than that. Hope it helps.