ScriptTags not visitble on store front

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Hey guys, I need a some help here which is a little urgent.

I am building an App for Shopify store, in which I want to add a script using ScriptTag by using REST API. I am able to achieve this perfectly fine on my local development server.

Here, I am facing an issue after submitting the app for review - the scirpttag does not appear in the shop page - and I am not able to achieve the functionality that I am currently working on. While, I am able to install the app successfully, its just that the scripttag is not getting injected to the store front.


- I am able to get the response for scripttag ID and the URL of the scripttag

- The scripttag is being loaded on the development store perfectly fine

A speedy help would be much appreciated.

Thanks :-)

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Hey @bighero6,


When you get a list of the scripts, do you see it listed? (GET /admin/api/2019-10/script_tags.json)


Can you please provide the app ID and URL of a store which isn't loading your scripts?