Selling gift cards in a public sales channel app - is this possible?

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We are preparing a gifting platform for market launch. With it, customers can buy products and gift them to others, often gift cards. And we are currently evaluating an integration with Shopify. We registered as a partner, created a public app and marked it as a sales channel. We understand how we can offer products from Shopify merchants, and how we can handle our commission through the Billings API.


But gift cards are a special case, and one we add more value to the customer: They can be added to a digital wallet to use at the POS. From our research thus far, we think this would be possible, at least for Shopify Plus merchants that have activated the Gift Card API. To make this work, we would create each gift card during the checkout process, then add it to the order. In this way, we can include the purchased gift card in the digital wallet, or allow the customer to send the gift card to someone else.


My question is: Can you please verify that this process would work? Can we create a gift card first, then add this specific card to an order, process the order using the Storefront API, then allow the customer to gift the card?


We also want to develop a solution for the non-Shopify Plus mom-and-pop shops. Those shops can create gift cards (thanks for the special Covit-19 offer!) and send us the list. We should be able to offer them for sale in our channel, and then just grab one from the list after an order has been placed. Again: Is this going to work?