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Hello, i need to send a custom webhook from shopify to our supplier.
I can only send a predefined webhook, but I can't create my own.

Is there any way to create my own webhook?


Here is the JSON that our factory needs:

  "commission": "Ihre eindeutige Bestellnummer/ID",
  "production": "0 für Standard, 1 für Eil, 2 für Express-Produktion",
  "insurance": "0 ohne, 1 mit Transportversicherung",
  "receiver": [
      "line1": "Empfänger",
      "line2": "Empfänger-Zusatz (optional)",
      "street": "Straßenname",
      "streetnumber": "Hausnummer",
      "country": "Länderkürzel (D, AT, CH, BE, NL, LU, FR, ES, DK, CZ, UK)",
      "zip": "Postleitzahl",
      "city": "Stadt",
      "email": "E-Mail Adresse Versandbestätigung & Tracking-Nummer (optional), Absender siehe Kundenkonto"
  "items": [
      "id": "Ihre eindeutige Positions-ID",
      "amount": "Stückzahl / Auflage",
      "width": "Breite in cm, max. eine Nachkommastelle",
      "height": "Höhe in cm, max. eine Nachkommastelle",
      "material": "Material",
      "print": "Druck; optional, nicht null",
      "strength": "Stärke; optional, nicht null",
      "size": "Größe; optional, nicht null",
      "variante": "Variante; optional, nicht null",
      "category": "Produkt-Kategorie",
      "options": [
          "id": "ID der Option",
          "value": "Wert der Option",
          "inputValue": "Wert Textfeld, nicht null"


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Currently, Shopify can only send webhooks using the topics defined in the REST and GraphQL API docs. If those topics don't send the payload you need, you might try creating an endpoint on your own server that receives a Shopify webhook, reformats it to your factory's specification, and then sends the reformatted request to the factory. 

armurray | Developer @ Shopify 
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