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Hi Shopify,

For my store in the Netherlands I'm using Sendcloud as a shipping partner. The standard shipping confirmation with track & trace looks really Shopify like, and not really like my brand. So I would like to change this. How can I integrate this. Sendcloud offers a Track & Trace email that looks way smoother then the Shopify shipment notification. Can you help? Does it need to be hardcoded in the Shopify environment, or do I need to disconnect Sendcloud app from Shopify and manually fill in my shipping details and let Sendcloud send out the email? How can I prevent Shopify to automatically send the confirmation email?

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Hi @gwennann ,

Let me know if I understand your question correctly:

You want to use Sendcloud's emails for shipping notifications to your customers rather than Shopify's native fulfillment notifications.

Assuming the above, you have to make sure that when an order for your shop is fulfilled that it's not configured to notify the customer of shipment details. This is set in one of 2 ways:

  1. Admin UI
  2. Shopify Admin API

If you're fulfilling orders manually via the Admin UI then make sure that when you're sending a fulfillment request that "Notify Customer of Shipment" is not checked.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 12.15.20 PM.png

Given that you're using an automated solution for shipping, I imagine that this is done programatically and via the Sendcloud app. In this case they're probably sending a fulfillment request on your behalf. If you're finding that both the Shopify shipping notifications and Sendcloud shipping notifications are being sent to your customers, then the fulfillments might be being created / updated via the API with notify_customer set to true (reference). This is something you should ask Sendcloud's support since they'll have visibility over how the request is being sent.

Let me know if I've understood your question




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