Session not working in embedded application.

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Hello. I'm creating embedded application on PHP Laravel framework. I want to create application for stores for selling items. Each store can upload several itself items and etc... basic marketplace. So I face the problem, that my application session not works while embedded in shopify. So I can't keep user authorized cause of that. After user come to application it should authorize it using callback, I get his store and authorize him. It works not in embedded variant, but in shopify session just clear out. So I'm confused and can't find any information about this. I could guess that problem in my application but it works not in Shopify embedded. I hope somebody will help me.

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Same happening to my custom app I made using PHP and it needs a session to pass data from the home page to another where they will process it. On standalone web application, it works just fine. The original session passed to another page and the data is the same exactly as expected. However, on Shopify App (embedded app with my custom app), it does not work. It tells me the session ID just changed between pages. I was wondering if Shopify was responsible for causing a change in my session or something else around? Tried to look up for some answers and some said to set up PHP session auto_start ON via php.ini, but I doubt about it because I checked both phpinfo from a localhost vs a production server and the values are the same.