Set currency for draft order

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I need this functionality as well, so I can create draft invoices for wholesale customers in different currencies.

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We also desperately need this functionality. It seems so strange that we can accept foreign currencies online but not via a draft order.

Will this be sorted soon?

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Shopify sure makes it difficult to create a shop that sells in more than one country.  So many apps are not compatible with multi-currency stores and it's not due to their programming but due to limitations with Shopify.  It's very disappointing and its causing me to migrate my store to another platform.

Really how hard could it be to allow online retailers to sell in more than one country and a smooth way.  A customer doesn't want you to explain to them why they can't pay in their own currency.  This shouldn't even be a thing.  My store should display in the currency of whatever country they are shopping in.  It shouldn't be an add on app to make that happen.  It shouldn't need to be enabled in the payment section of admin and limit you from using other payment processors. 

This seems like the basic necessities to run an online marketplace in a global environment and Shopify is failing miserably.  Hard to believe they are such a successful company.  I find it even harder to believe knowing that they are a Canadian company.  A country that depends on sales to foreign markets. 

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Any body from Shopify will explain us anything? where is support ?

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We would also need this.