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Does anybody know if Shopify already allows a creation of a draft order with a currency different than the default shop currency?

It looks like Shopify already has a multi currency checkout, but it still doesn't allow us to create a draft order in currency other than the default shop currency. Or are we missing something here?



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @NiceTeam ,


As it currently stands right now, there is no functionality through the Shopify Admin UI or the Shopify Admin APIs for a merchant or app partner to create a Draft Order in a currency that is different than the default shop's currency. 


However considering that Draft Orders are supposed to be for orders in which you collect payments outside of the Shopify online store or for orders in which the customers pay for through the invoice_url, is there a use case you had in mind in which you needed the Draft Order to be created in a different currency than the shop's default currency? 


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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Hi Hassain,

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, we do have a use case where we would need the Draft Order to be created in a different currency than the shop's default currency.

We created an app called Bundler - Product Bundles which allows merchants to create bundle offers in their shops ( It works great and our customers love it :)

The app uses Draft Orders feature to apply discounts to the customer's order. And recently, we had a case where a merchant had a shop where customer can have cart in one of the selected currencies. Let's say that the default currency is USD but a customer switches it in the shop to GBP.
All prices and the cart are in GBP, which is great.
But when we try to create a draft order for the merchant, the app applies the discount in GBP and creates a draft order. But as we already know, the draft order can only be created in the default currency. So the final display of the order is in USD and not in GBP, which is a problem to the merchant.


I know that Draft Orders API already has an option to pass a currency, but as for now, the system seems to ignore it.


We are currently looking for a solution for this issue, but it seems that there is not a lot of options for a clean solution. It would be great if the system would allow us to create Draft Order in specified currency :)





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We do have a use case as well, many use cases actually. 


I understand Shopify's initial goal with the DraftOrder API. But, given the fact Shopify is very limited when it comes to Discounting orders (compared to Magento for example), many app developers are now using the DraftOrder API to give an upsell, a gift, a combination of discount + free shipping, etc.  When a merchant has multi-currency enabled in Shopify payments, it's a deal breaker. For example:

I've got it up and running, but then noticed that even though I'm in Australia, and usually check out with AUD as we have Shopify Multi-currency, when my free gift was enabled via your app, it had me check out in USD.  Can that be changed?
We do a lot of international sales and it's important to us to have the customer check out in their home currency.  So if that's not possible with your app, then unfortunately it will be a dealbreaker for us.


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We also have the need for this. We are Selling many custom products and services and we create them using Draft Orders for the customer to accept and complete pre-payment.
Problem is that many (if not most) US customers demand their quote and final invoice is in USD. Would appear very normal if Draft would let us choose the currency.
Regards Jakob
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Agreed. Many custom items. Need to be able to create draft order in different currency than default. 

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Yes, I really need this functionality.

I want to be able to add a draft order in a different currency and send to my customer an invoice in their currency.

i want to be able to select from a dropdown menu in the admin, where i am adding the draft order and see the product price in that selected currency and also be able to adjust the price/discount/shipping in the selected currency.


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Hi, @hassain  about this "or for orders in which the customers pay for through the invoice_url" I have tried to make a draft order in my shop currency (there is any other option), and send it to my customer.

Even the customer CAN'T change the currency when he/she needs.

So please, let us to choose the currency in draft orders so our customers will get the "innvoice email to pay" in the currency that they want.

It is basic

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I completely agree.


If an order is able to converted on the fly on the customer side using currency converters,  then what is the problem doing it on the admin side for a draft order?

There's no difference!!!

I'm paying good money to shopify and so many people are having this same issue. 

It's an international market place and this limits our business operations effectiveness. 

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We definitively need this, draft orders are the way that we (Shopify App Developers) found to create custom orders with custom discounts. Unfortunately today I gonna lose a client because DraftOrder API does not accept the currency parameter in the creation.