Setting a dynamic descriptor when using Stripe for adding another layer of fraud protection?!

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I have a shopify store, and I'm only processing credit card payments.
I'm trying to elevate my fraud protection by making some changes in my stripe account. After contacting stripe support they said to me that I should look into setting up a dynamic descriptor for adding more protection against fraudulent credit card orders ( especially when they purchase with digital wallets where AVS and CVV check aren't available.)

They suggested the following steps:

- To help stripe with fraud analysis, create a customer object for every charge, and pass info to stripe:

Cardholder’s name
Cardholder’s billing and shipping address
Customer email address

- Create a dynamic suffix to the descriptor with which I can verify that the transaction was indeed made by the person who possesses the bank account and the card too.

They said that since I use Shopify for accepting payments I should contact their support.

I asked for Shopify support for help but they said that this is out of their reach and because I'm working with a third-party gateway, and its API and code ( Stripe). 

Now, what to do?

Is implementing this possible? 

Does it require deep knowledge of API and SDK programming?

I only have Shopify Basic plan so I can't access the code behind the checkout process.

Thanks for any help or info. I think this would be a great feature to implement from the start, as it could verify that the person who made the order with the credit card also has access to the bank account itself, which is rarely the case in credit card frauds. 


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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Joe,

You basically answered your own question in that this requires heavy coding and requires expert Shopify and Stripe knowledge to get this implemented and requires not only a developer but getting a server setup to run the application. You're basically creating a Shopify App to connect with Shopify's API to get the customer information and passing it on to Stripe via API.

We already do this with some of our bigger clients who run Shopify Plus. Unless you are getting a lot of orders (2000+ per month) through your shop, it's really not worth your time, money, and effort. 

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