Setting variant position not being respected?

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I'm creating a product with a bunch of variants, which are in my desired order and with correctly set position property. However, the response seems to ignore that, resorting the variants alphabetically and resetting their position values to match their new positions in the variants list.
The docs say this:
The position property is read-only. The position of variants is indicated by the order in which they are listed.
However, I do both: position and creating them in the correct order. This is an unversioned endpoint and I'm quite certain that it used to work correctly.
The question is: am I doing something wrong (and what) or is this a Shopify bug?
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Hey @edparry,

That behaviour doesn't sound right. As you already pointed out, the position should be determined by the order in which you declare the options.

This is an unversioned endpoint

Just to clarify, did you mean you're using the unstable version? The product endpoint is versioned in both REST and GraphQL, so if you're not sending a version it's possible there's a conflict between the contents of your call and the API version being served.

Try again with the 2020-07, and if you're still having an issue please provide the product_id and a rough timeframe for when you made your call. I'll use this to find more details in our logs.

JB | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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