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Hey Shopify Community!


I'm building a website for a small potato farmer. The farm has its own delivery truck and ships their orders direct from the farm to the customers address. The customer would like customers to receive shipping notifications, when the order is has been fulfilled and has been delivered. I don't see an option in the Shopify admin console to mark an order as "Delivered". Does anyone know how this notification can be triggered?


Any pointers would be fantastic!


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Hey @in10se_io,


Shopify automatically sends the out for delivery and delivered notifications based off information provided by the carrier through the tracking number. These notifications are only triggered automatically when you use a valid tracking number from a supported carrier.


If you want to trigger these notifications manually, you can do so using the Fulfillment and FulfillmentEvent endpoints through the API. Using these endpoints you can create a fulfillment, and then later create a fulfillmentEvent to change the status to "delivered". The API allows you to specify whether you want to notify customers of updates, so as long as you send notify_customer:true in your call, customers will receive an email when the fulfillment is created or updated.

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Thanks @_JB ,


Really appreciate you getting back to me. I thought it might have something to do with the API. Id love to see this a feature to trigger the notification manually, or an inhouse delivery app created. Ive seen a few businesses that ive worked with so far that are small and doing shipping in house to cut down on operating costs, and triggering the delivered events really helps with customer satisfaction:).


Happy to mark this solution as solved!


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Hi @in10se_io , @_JB


I built an app called Localivery which lets you set orders to "out for delivery" and "delivered"!


After you fulfill an order, you can use this app to set it's status to "Out for delivery" and finally to "Delivered" once it's delivered.


Setting these statuses in Localivery triggers the built in Shopify notification emails. It also integrates directly with the Orders page to update your customers of the statuses. That way, you don't have to connect to the API yourself.


This also means you can customize the email notifications for each status directly within the Shopify Admin.


Check out this video demo to see it in action:



And it works well in the Shopify mobile app too, so you can set it to "Delivered" right when the potatos are delivered!


Check out the mobile demo below. It shows email notifications that get sent as well:



Let me know if I can answer any questions! Happy to receive feedback - really hope to help those using local carriers / doing their own deliveries.





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We ship our shopify orders they shipbridge. As all of our orders are not automatically fulfilled in shopify our customers are not receiving shipping confirmation email with the tracking number link included. Any idea how we can make that happen?