Shipstation + Shopify Integration Malfunctioning

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We have always loved using Shipstaiton.

However, beginning on June 20th our integration with shipstation began malfunctioning. We began to receive this message in shipstation: 

"IntegrationError: Shopify encountered an error and responded with StatusCode UnprocessableEntity. Content: {"errors":{"base":["None of the items are stocked at the new location."

Since that date, we cannot see the shipment fulfillment in our shopify system. As you know this is crucial for our business to function properly.

We have already vetted our inventory system, SOS Inventory, and they show in their systems that it is not their software malfunctioning.

Can you please give us a hand with this problem?

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My guess maybe you've added another location to your store? The items then have no location records for the new location.

I'd get a hold of shipstation support. They should know what's going on.

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Hello, did you ever figure this out? I just turned on my SOS integration last week and all the orders that I've received since have the exact same error on Shipstation. Never had this issue in 3.5 years and right when SOS is integrated it happened.... has to be SOS Inventory. 

Hope to hear back from you and see if you were able to resolve this.