Shopify API issues

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Hello everyone!

For several days now we have been experiencing a drop in paid traffic of more than 50% on facebook, instagram, tiktok ads and Pinterest Ads platforms in North America (our main sales market).

This was overnight, without touching anything, without installing new apps or anything like that.

We decided to create a new shopify with US VPN and a different email (since we live in Spain), and the problem persisted continuously.

We have launched very light homepages in order to test if it was an overload on them since our main traffic is going to the homepage, and it continues the same way.

Our surprise is that we created a landing page as overloaded as the shopify homepage and the traffic that arrives is 100% of the people who click on the ad, so our developers, after optimizing different templates and even buying a new one to test, came to the conclusion that it is a Shopify API problem in Canada and United States (North America).

After talking to shopify support chat they send me here so someone can help me as no one there knows what could be going on.

As of today we have a DMCA Takedown pending resolution (totally unfair), and a ban by shopify payments the night before this problem started (coincidence? who knows).

Could the above have anything to do with what we are going through?

Is there anyone who is going through this same problem or has gone through it and knows any possible solution?

Thanks in advance.