Shopify API that change the price of a product depends on customer tag (WHOLESALE)

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So before we are using the Wholesale Club app but we decided to create our own private app so meet our needs.

On the app, if customer has a certain tag, the product price will be reduced by 50%, so we believe that what they are doing is just simple liquid condition for this part. BUT the real problem (at least for us) is how to change the product price when customer is now going to checkout.

1. What exactly we need to do is create a conditions to show specific price for specific product for specific product type.
2. We need to change the price for each line item in checkout page.

Thank you.

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It's definitely not that simple, and cannot be done using liquid alone. It's either using discounts or creates product/variant clones with reduced price (either during configuration or on the fly) and preselects them depending on customer tag present.

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