Shopify API version update 2021

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What's new in the Shopify API version update 2021?

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Hey, here is some information about the latest Shopify API version update 2021-01. 

This update includes several new features and improvements to the GraphQL Admin API, REST Admin API, and Storefront API. 

  • The transaction fees charged on the Shopify Payments transactions, integrated with other accounting systems.
  • Details of individual payment transactions and how do they configure the payments provider apps.
  • You will get an overview of the orders that were bought online but picked up by a customer in a physical location. Thus, It will help you to implement an omnichannel shopping experience. 

Also, you can manage prepaid subscription orders on the GraphQL Storefront API. This allows you to create an order with multiple billing and payment schedules and fulfill orders. 

I hope you find this answer helpful. Thank you!
Ankur Sinha