Shopify AR Feature Problem

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I am working with a merchant to test the latest 3D model/AR feature on the Developer preview mode. We planned to demo the feature with actual merchant product on our upcoming Shopify Meetup in HK.


However, after uploading a temporary file we created, we found that the model is flipped on its side when its viewed on the AR viewer mode, although the orientation is correct before we expand the model.


Product page:


See below:

Correct orientation on product page before clicking on the model

image2 (1).png


Incorrect oreintation on the object view/AR view


Can someone explain why this happen? Is there something we can do on the export of the model or conversion of the file? Or is it a known bug?

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Hey @alexyapsl-wave.


This looks to be a known issue on iOS 12. We're gearing toward only supporting iOS 13 for ARKit previews. You can expect a correction in behaviour on iOS 13 when it releases.