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We are using a SaaS service called Stitch to handle the ETL process of data from our Shopify site.  For almost the past 2 weeks, Stitch has been encountering nonstop 500 - internal server errors.  


There is a large amount of historical data that is being uploaded to our store which ends up getting replicated as well, but this process has been ongoing for some time and prior to these past couple weeks we wouldn't encounter any errors replicating the large volumes of data.


We are mostly concerned with replicating orders and order metafields because we have a need to store an external transaction ID in the order metafield.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why the Shopify API would be constantly returning a 500 error?  We're still waiting to hear back from our Shopify rep directly but I figured I'd also ask here.

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Hey @zaksubco ,


The 500 - Internal Server Error could be thrown for a multitude of reasons. In order for us to best help you troubleshoot this issue through our platform logs, could you please provide the value of the X-Request-ID header from a recent 500 - Internal Server Error API response? 


Typically, this error is most commonly thrown in cases where a timeout occurred because it took our database too long to fetch the data that was requested. This timeout could be caused by a slow query, too much traffic hitting our systems at the same time, or simply too much data being requested at once.


As per your message, if you are requesting large amounts of historical data that is being replicated it might be best for you to not use the REST Admin API (if that is what Stitch is using) to request the data but instead use Shopify's GraphQL Bulk Operations API. You can read more about it here. This API was built with the purpose of asynchronously fetching large amounts of data in bulk.   


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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