Shopify App Bridge Questions

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I have been reviewing the documentation for the Shopify App Bridge and a couple things remain unclear. The goal seems simple, but there are a couple dots that remain unconnected.

We already have an app that is displayed via the Shopify admin interface. This allows us to open pretty much our entire web based app within the context of the shopify admin tool (authenticated via oauth).

We would like to add a time clock feature to Shopify POS systems as part of this app. If you have installed the app for your shop, you should be able to see the time clock on your POS systems.

Reading the documentation, it appears that to have an extension resident on the POS systems, we would need to use the Shopify App Bridge. And then the documentation states:


If you enable this feature for an existing app that isn't designed to use Shopify App Bridge, then merchants will no longer be able to use the app.

That raises a few questions.

First, is it then not possible to avoid migrating our existing admin application into the App Bridge if we want an extension on the POS?

Second, does this mean that both the admin app and the POS extension are effectively served from the same endpoint?

And, finally, if so, what mechanism do we have to distinguish between a request for the admin app vs the POS app?

Thank you for your help!

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Did you ever get an answer to this question? Wondering the same