Shopify App Gets Caught in Infinite 'Enable Cookies' loop in Safari

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Kia ora. I am stuck in the loophole myself and am not having any success trying to edit my availability in Sesami on my Shopify Store. It just keeps looping back to needing access to my website data. I have zero knowledge about how to deal with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mirimiri

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FYI: Still experiencing this loop in Nov 2020 using:

  • koa-shopify-auth: 3.1.72
  • Safari 14.0

(Chrome 86.0 and Firefox 82.0 are OK).

Just trying to help out.

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FYI: We are also experiencing this concern with our custom App. Using Chrome is the current work-around but presumably over time, browsers will become more strict and this infinite loop problem in Safari may also occur in other browsers. Senior staff at Apple Support have not been able to help.

More Actions: Edit Book Metadata to load our app
Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.45.15 am.jpg


A popup requesting access

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.45.31 am.jpg

And an infinite loop... 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 7.45.49 am.jpg

MacOS 11.0.1

Safari 14.0.1

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I can confirm that I am seeing this issue in my apps as well (Safari 14 on Desktop, and Mobile Safari). Could someone on the Shopify side please give us some details as to when we can expect a fix?

PS @Shopify/koa-shopify-auth v3.1.72 does not solve the issue

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Same issue here with koa-auth on the latest version. Shopify any updates regarding an update to this package? Thanks, Chris

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We're experiencing the same issue with Safari 13.0.4 on Mac 10.15.2 and the latest version of koa-auth. Thank you Shopify in advance for any updates on this.

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Also seeing this with latest versions of Koa-auth

Mac 10.14.6, Safari 14.0.1