Shopify App Installation Flow

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I have created a shopify app, but I'm not really clear about how shopify goes about apps' installation. I mean, how do we specify which url the url is redirected when user clicks Add App on shopify store. Wonder, if we can have multiple urls, I mean one for dashboard after app is installed and one for redirect url during installation phase. Thanks in advance.



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When the user clicks "Add App", they're redirected to the App Url that's configured from within the partners dash : 

All traffic will flow to your application URL, you then check to see if the user is authenticated, and show the dashboard of your app.

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How do I check to see if a user is authenticated?


For example, with Azure Active Directory, you build a database of users and match each one against a handshake with Azure's API.  Is it the same with shopify?  How can I find out more?