Shopify App and multi regional clusters support

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Hello there fellow developers,

we are running our SaaS service in multiple regions such as EU, USA, Asia.

During App creation you need to input the App URL which is used by Shopify to render the Embedded App in IFrame and let user interacts with custom App, now our problem is that since this is single URL per App and we would like to have the same App among all of our clusters to reduce DevOps overhead and to keep it simple so we need to somehow proxy Shopify request to specific cluster.


Is there any recommended way by Shopify? Currently we would like to try out following implementation:

Have single instance of "integrations" service on top of all clusters and use this service DNS name as a URL in Shopify's App URL setting. Then this "integrations" service would proxy the requests to specific cluster based on database state (we would keep Shop <---> Cluster information in database so we would know that shop X is in US cluster so we need to proxy requests to our US cluster). Is there simpler way to achieve this, have you got such questions before coming from other Shopify Partners, is there any recommended method for that?

Also wouldn't such proxy be a problem when we render our Embedded App and first we send request to which would proxy this to and would render HTML and return it all the way back to and then to Shopify? Wouldn't that break IFrame?


Thanks in advance for any feedback.