Shopify App rejected

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I have submitted an app on the Shopify but its rejected for few reasons.
I need assistance on the following rejection points,
  1. Your app is requesting scopes that did not appear to be in use during our review. Please ensure you are only requesting API Scope Permissions necessary to for your app to function. Please see this document for more information. See this screenshot for additional details. Please clarify what you might use this for. How do I submit the clarification that I'm using these API scopes? Where is the space to submit the clarifications asked by the app reviewer?
  2. If your app adds a visible element to a merchant’s storefront, the element must be disabled by default, so the merchant can see or edit it before enabling it. You must provide instructions on how the merchant can then enable the storefront element. The element won't be visible on the store front until a new offer record is created by the store owner on the app. How do I submit this clarification to the app reveiwer?