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We are looking to see if it is possible to have new Shopify Draft Orders create a new Deal in Hubspot. The standard Shopify/Hubspot integration doesn't seem to do the job, and I've looked into using Zapier to accomplish the task, however Zapier does not have any triggers involving Draft Orders.


A community manager got back to us and mentioned using the Ecommerce bridge APIs, where we can send an ecommerce sync message to create/modify ecommerce objects (deals) in Hubspot.


If we create a private app is it possible to detect when a new draft order is created and then send the appropriate message to HubSpot?

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Yes, by leveraging Shopify webhooks and send order data further. There is a special topic draft_orders/create you can listen on and act upon.

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Hey there! Are you still looking for a solution for Draft Orders in Shopify creating a Deal in HubSpot? We're in the process of building a product that takes this concept a few steps further. A rep can turn a HubSpot Deal into a Shopify Draft Order without ever leaving HubSpot. All the follow up, email tracking, etc can be done through HubSpot. When the Draft Order converts into an actual Order, the initial Deal in HubSpot is moved to Closed Won. I would love to learn more about how you're using HubSpot and Shopify Draft Orders, and hear your thoughts on what your ideal solution looks like. You can learn more about what we're up to here: