Shopify GraphQL - no schema file exists even though it does

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I'm trying to get started with Graphql and Shopify. I am getting the following error:


Client for API version 2020-01 does not exist because no schema file exists at `shopify_graphql_schemas/2020-01.json`. (ShopifyAPI::GraphQL::InvalidClient)


Even though I've run this rake task:


rake shopify_api:graphql:dump SHOP_DOMAIN="" ACCESS_TOKEN="the_right_token" API_VERSION=2020-01



And I can see the file here: and when I run



I get `#<Pathname:/home/shipping-new/db/shopify_graphql_schemas>`


I am only trying to do the following to get the shop name as a test:


sesh = "", token: 'xx', api_version: '2020-01')

client = ShopifyAPI::GraphQL.client

SHOP_NAME_QUERY = client.parse <<-'GRAPHQL'
  shop {

result = client.query(SHOP_NAME_QUERY)



My Shopify Initializer config file also has the same `api_version` here:

config.api_version = "2021-01"


How can I download the schema in order to use GraphQL for Shopify?

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