Shopify Integration with Custom Payment (Cash-Debit Cards using KNET) on a Self-service Kiosk

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Actually I have a customer who is selling Gaming Sports the customer has 2 different ways of Providing payment services to their customers

  1. A Portal which will be integrated with your API services
  2. Self-service Kiosk Machine with custom Payment Methods
    1. Integration with KNET IPOS (Debit/credit Payment) which is not supported by your API (as of my understanding you only support My-Fatoorah on Kuwait which only support payment through web)
    2. Cash Recycler and dispenser which is also not supported by your API (as of my understanding you are only support manual POS)


Now our concerns:

  • how to Integrate your API for Products with our Custom Payment Methods ?
  • And what if one customer reserved a product from Portal and needs to Pay through self-service Kiosk machine(s)?


Please we need your advice, your quick response is appreciated.