Shopify POS doesn't apply tax override to newly-created products without long delay

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Not sure if this is related to the API issues today as I thought I had tested this functionality previously and it worked, but I have a POS embedded app where I create a product variant, add it to a manual collection that has a tax override, and then add it to the POS cart via App Bridge. The problem is, the tax override is not applied and it's inconsistent how long of a delay is required before you can add it to the cart and have it show up correctly (close to 30 seconds by my tests, which isn't acceptable). 

Even when I manually add the newly-created product to the cart after it shows up in its collection tile within Shopify POS (which is effectively immediately), it doesn't apply the correct tax override and still requires a delay. Furthermore, I did a test where I simply changed the price of a product using Shopify Admin and again, in the collection tile itself you see the price refresh immediately, but the same long delay is required until you're able to add it to the POS cart with the new price reflected in the cart itself. 

I am using the new Shopify POS on iOS. 

Is there any kind of hack I can employ to force this refresh to occur? Or submit a feature request to the iOS team? Thank you.