Shopify Plus Partner - useful features, no access :-(

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Hi there

We do integrations for our Shopify Plus clients and the best way to do that is to build a custom app.

However we discovered that to be able to install a custom app on multiple Plus stores for the same client, you need to be a Shopify Plus Partner. Therefore we filled out an application to be a Plus Partner, but heard nothing back. After some mails back and forth between various Shopify staff, we were finally told, that the program was "full" and no new partners would be added till at least 2021...

So while we are told that: "Sharing custom apps across multiple stores is one of many perks of being a Shopify Plus Partner" we are also told that we cannot be part of that program. That's effectively saying that we as a partner are not allowed to build apps in the best way possible for our clients.

I hope I have been miss informed - please help.