Shopify Product webhook is not getting calling Properly.

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HI, I have created one application in which I am getting data using webhook while customers updating their products data in their store. Now in the Shopify store, the product has collections. So we can add and remove collections in products in the Shopify store and at the same time, Shopify is providing that product's data using webhook to my application.

Now, while I am updating product master data ( means it's title, description, status, etc ) Shopify is providing product data every time using webhook. but while I am updating product collections means adding and removing collection on that product then it is not providing product data using webhook every time. Sometimes it is delaying to sending data than normal time span, sometimes it is not providing product data. I thought may some issue from the server-side. But I have also tried the same thing using online webhook tools as well but it is not working there also.

If this feature is will not work properly then no meaning of my application's features. So can you please tell me that how we can fix this issue or correct me if I am working in the wrong direction.

Thanks in advance.