Shopify REST Admin API(2019-10) with Filter by title has two different result?

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I show the product listing in my app using Shopify REST Admin API here I also show the total records.
now I am trying to set new Admin API and I face the issue in count API which gives me result according to the old way of a filter with the title(find a word in the title) and list API works according to new way of filter with a title (compare exact title).
so How can I show the total records?

product title is : bla bla
#case 1:
Retrieves a list of products 
"products": []
#case 2:
Retrieves a count of products
"count": 3
Hope it make sense...


Requests that pass a value for title will match only if the value is the same as the complete title. Partial matches aren't supported in Admin Product API version 2019-10
Means You will pass product title name completely not partial because partial title is not supported while filter in API Version 2019-10

EX : Your product title is : bla bla

So Your Admin product filter API like below

admin/api/2019-10/products.json?title=bla bla

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