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we are looking into implementing a software that needs to have access to our Shopify order data. Since they don’t have a built in Shopify app, we need to do a Restfull API call.


The code is the following:


curl --location --request POST '' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--header 'Authorization: Basic WUZvb2Q6V2JxSjNuWFpoNmJS' \

--data-raw '{

   "orderId": "OrderID0001",

   "customerId": "CustomerID0001",

   "customerName": "Max",

   "customerGender": 0,

   "custAddrStreet": "Kaiserdamm 1",

   "custAddrZip": "14057",

   "language": "de_DE",

   "customerSurname": "Mustermann",

   "customerEMail": "",

   "custAddrCity": "Berlin",

   "custAddrCountry": "DE",

   "segmentName": "Drinks",

   "productId": [




   "generate": true




Where can we implement such an API Call in Shopify?


Thanks a lot for your help!





Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @Tim_Muc ,

If your software partner does not have a Shopify app, then they will need to consider creating a PRIVATE APP. By creating a private app on your shop for them, they will be able to perform RESTFUL API calls to your shop. Please note though that the calls need to be formatted based on the Shopify endpoint fields rather than their own, so they will need to match the data from your sample call to the equivalent fields in our Orders API documentation.

Graham S | API Support @ Shopify
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