Shopify Review Author Format

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Hey everyone! I’m currently using the shopify reviews app, but I don’t like the way authors names are handled - some reviews are by “Tony Haywood”, some are by “Tony H.” And some are by “Tony“, or even just a random nickname that they entered in the “name” field. My end goal is to have the review author names to look consistent, authentic and trustworthy. It would be ideal to collect the customers/reviewers first and last name, then have the author name display as “First name Last initial” (ex: Tony H.) on the website review section.

I assume this can be done easily by having the current name field say “First and Last Name” or adding a new field so there is one for first name and one for last name. Then changing the default liquid element from {{}} to something else that can specifically say the {{authors first name}} then the {{authors last initial}}. I’m just not sure what those liquid elements are.

There may be a completely different way to do this. This is only my guess. Hopefully someone can help me out with this soon.

Thanks in advance,