Shopify Script tag cache issue.

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We are shopify App developer and use script tag API for app development. As you will be aware about that the script is on our server side  which loads on client's store on every page refresh. The problem is whenever we do any kind of small changes in our script file, To reflect it on to client's store we have to clean the browser cache or hard refresh multiple times. I know this is kind of a silly question but is there any way to auto refresh script file every time it loads on client's store or any other better way to handle this entire scenario. So that we do not need to expect from user that he will clear caches and all.


Any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks for hearing us.

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Hi sbdev,


I control script tags through my admin portal app workflow. Deleting and creating when I need to.


However, the bulk of JavaScript logic to do the work is not in the script tag itself. It's loaded via the URL in the src.


If I make a change to this script then it is reloaded by the script tag (event: onload) every time.


I've not done any magical tweaks. The script loaded by the script tag is loaded as a static resource then makes AJAX calls to do further work via the server.



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