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Is there any one who know to override shopify checkout button, so that when user will click on a checkout button it will redirect to new checkout page not to shopify's own checkout page and after making payment from new checkout page redirect back to shopify,like carthook checkout functionality, Please help.



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Hey Amandeep, 

There isn't a method available via API that would allow you to completely replace the Shopify checkout process. Though with a Sales Channel app you could create a custom checkout object with the Checkout API.

But that would still require you to redirect the customer to the Shopify checkout after to complete the process, and that doesn't sound like what you're trying to do. Our checkout process is the result of years of optimizations, could you share more on the reasoning for not wanting to use it? 

In theory, you could probably change your theme's code so that the checkout button pointed to a third party. Then get the customer information from that third party somehow, and use our Order API to create an order manually afterwards.

If you're at the point where you need to handle all of the checkout and payment externally to Shopify though, as odd as it sounds it might be actually worth looking into not using Shopify and finding a custom solution.