Shopify integration with SaaS

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We have an E-Commerce  SaaS and we are looking to integrate shopify with our SaaS so we can push orders to shopify stores. user will need to link his shopify store into our SaaS

we need this slow:

1- a user will link his shopify account  into his account on our SaaS

2- a user will build a sales page

3- once someone purchase a product, our saas will send that order to shopify

Note: we are not interested on listing our SaaS on Shopify App store


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There are 3 ways of buiding an integration between your eCommerce SaaS with Shopify Store.

  1. You build your own SaaS module and from that one, you connect to Shopify store via its API to pull product data or push orders, customers.
  2. You build a Shopify Addons to connect to your ecommece SaaS for transfering product, customer and order data.
  3. Using a Middleware to connect to both ecommerce SaaS and Shopify via their API(s) and transfer data between these systems.

According to your post, I believe that you prefer a middleware solution. we made a demonstration for integration in that way as you can see in the demo video below.



I hope we can be in touch to show you more detail of the solution. Thanks!