Shopify is canceling Merchants' subscription when they update their cappedAmount (usage charge limit

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This code has worked for a long time, and now I've seen two merchants with canceled subscriptions that they didn't intend to cancel. From my understanding its not even possible to cancel a subscription unless the merchant uninstalls the app (did not happen) or the developer implemented a cancel subscription flow (I have not).

The cancelation seems to coincide with the merchant increasing their cappedAmount usage limit. `appSubscriptionLineItemUpdate` is the mutation that I believe is causing the cancelation. 


Hoping someone at Shopify can please take a look.


Here are two cases:

App subscription: gid://shopify/AppSubscription/12872515671

Time: 2021-01-09T17:50:51.309Z

Mutation: appSubscriptionLineItemUpdate


App subscription: gid://shopify/AppSubscription/14115012686

Time: 2021-01-09T00:30:10.459Z