Shopify's Analytics with custom storefront?

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I'm building a custom storefront using React and the Storefront API, instead of using a theme.


I don't see any documentation on how Shopify's analytics are gathered - so, I am assuming that this all happens as shopify's servers are handling requests. Since we are using a custom storefront, the only direct interactions with Shopify's servers will be through the storefront API.


I see that there is an Analytics API, but it's only set up for reading analytics - not tracking user events.

Is there any way use Shopify's analytics with a setup like this?



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Shopify Staff
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You are correct in that a lot if not all of the user behaviour tracking takes place on our storefront. At this time we don't offer a conduit through which you could supply storefront analytics data to our reporting when you are acting as the storefront yourself. You'd have to offer analytics of your own for now.

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